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Employer markets worldwide

Škoda Auto is a Double Winner for Graduates from the Czech Republic

Škoda Auto is the Czech Republic's most attractive employer: Business, engineering and IT graduates alike rank the Czech car manufacturer as their favourite employer.                                                                                 

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trendence institute regularly determines the most popular employers in 28 countries worldwide.

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Employer rankings in 28 countries worldwide

In 28 countries worldwide, trendence determines rankings of the 100 most popular employers by asking graduates and young professionals which companies they find attractive and what their future career plans are. 

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Our strengths: Research and consulting for your Employer Brand

We analyse all of the major trends of the candidate market.

Together with you we’ll evaluate the results and develop tailored strategies for your employer branding.

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Figure of the week

Danish business graduates ask for 47,800 euro gross per year. Only in two countries in Europe the expectations are higher.

Source: trendence Graduate Barometer 2015 - Danish Business Edition


September 28, 2015

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