About trendence

trendence is Europe’s leading research institute specialising in employer branding, personnel marketing and recruiting.

Every year, more than 500,000 school-leavers, students and young professionals from all over the world take part in our studies on their career ambitions and employers of choice.

Helping employers understand young talent and their needs

The results of our studies are an invaluable support to organisations HR departments: by providing authoritative, representative information on potential employees, they inform crucial decisions on recruitment and marketing strategies.

Benchmarks for employers and the employees of the future

Furthermore, our results assist schools and higher education institutions in appraising their performance and developing a coherent and strategic approach.

The ‘Top 100’ rankings of the most desirable employers, compiled from our studies, are a particular focus of interest, acting as guides and benchmarks for the media, employers and employees of the future alike.

trendence quality standards

Our commitment to the quality of trendence research results is demonstrated by our commitment to the ESOMAR code code on market and social research.

trendence supports Plan

Since 2005, we support a Plan International project.