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"With the trendVisualizer we regularly check through which communication channels we can reach the students. The numbers, data and facts in the online tool provide us with valuable indications for marketing activities at our target universities. Especially the clearly arranged structure and the fast printing of graphics facilitates our work, for instance for internal presentations."

Astrid Rimsl 
Employer Branding, Corporate Human Resources at BSH Hausgeräte GmbH

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To make firm decisions in Employer Branding

In Employer Branding and HR marketing you must make new decisions everyday:

  • What are the appropriate messages to convince applicants of your qualities as an employer?
  • Which channels must you consider in your campaign plan in order to address your applicant target group directly?
  • How is your employer image developing and where is action required to ensure that you remain one of the most attractive employers in the future?

Online market research data – clearly structured and easy to access

For these decisions you need dependability. Solid market research data, which is processed by trendence Institut online in the trendVisualizer, offers you exactly this dependability. Our trendVisualizer furnishes you with

  • easy to handle and clearly structured
  • quickly available
  • for all colleagues simultaneously accessible

data of many thousands graduates in Europe, accessible at all times enables you to make your own analyses according to your individual questions.

trendVisualizer fields of application

The trendVisualizer is your first contact point for

  • strategic (further) development of your Employer Value Proposition (EVP),
  • the operational planning of your HR campaign,
  • the efficient realization of individual measures in HR marketing and
  • the evaluation and success control of your campaign

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