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Trendence is an expert in customized Market Research for the management and optimization of international employer brands. With the help of differentiated target group data, we offer precise analyses & solutions that are tailored to your requirements. We work together with the largest companies in Germany and have conducted surveys for our customers in over 40 countries.

Individual Solutions for HR

Are your HR challenges very specific or extensive? Then a data-based approach through Customized Research is the way to go. Trendence offers everything from special target group analyses, image benchmarks, to ad hoc studies for your employer branding strategy. We work closely with our research experts to collect the data you need, in order to find a solution and key tasks to address your challenges.

Customized Surveys

Strategic consulting for your employer brand

Target group data from inhouse market research

Our Completed Projects

Thanks to our many years of consulting experience with renowned companies and corporations, our a wide range of customized solutions can meet your challenges with recommendations and impulses for action. To give you a clearer picture of the scope of our services, here is a selection of projects that we have implemented.

Markt & Zielgruppenanlyse

We analyze top target groups and give you directional recommendations on how you can achieve your KPIs despite a weak job market.


We also survey your staff across locations and countries to find out about general satisfaction, potential for improvement and loyalty to your company.


We use targeted surveys to evaluate the performance of your campaigns or job advertisements. We clarify what external talents think about your campaign and how effective the measures are.


In order to understand your recruiting target groups and to correctly address them, we define individual personas suitable for your company. These are ideal descriptions of your target group. Personas contain all the information that is important for successful employer branding and recruiting. The aim is to establish the KPIs with which you can effectively manage the strategic direction of your employer brand and HR marketing.

AGA Vektor Image_Ranking

We use predefined target groups to check:

  • whether your communication is being noticed and understood both online and offline
  • which social media platforms communication measures are worthwhile and
  • how effective your communication is in relation to your competitors.

About Trendence

The Trendence Institute has been developing high-quality studies, statistics and trends on labor markets for over 20 years. We are a talent intelligence company based in Berlin with a market research core. Our data and insights help employers make strategic and operational decisions.

Our Mission

Facts over guesswork! We make Data-Driven HR Management possible. Data from our own market research provides companies with trend-setting impulses for action that sustainably improve their employer branding and recruiting.

Our Vision

That companies have access to the data they need to optimize their internal processes and to enable sustainable decision-making in all areas of Human Resources: From recruiting to retainment.

From Concept to Customized Research

Initial meeting with our Sales & Research Team

In an initial meeting, we evaluate your problem and evaluate the best approach to finding a solution.

Second meeting: Quote

In a second meeting, we will present the structure of the study to be carried out together with a proposal.

Data Collection & Processing

Based on your objectives, we collect all relevant data and process it ito deliver insights, recommendations and action items.

Aga Vektor Präsentation
Presentation & Consulting

Once all the data has been properly analyzed and cleansed, we present the results to all the important parties. This also includes an in-depth consultation to ensure that the insights gained can be put to precise use.

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